New Ideas for Kitchen Flooring For Your Home

Choosing the right kitchen floor materials when remodeling is often a challenging task. There are many options from which to select today. Some homeowners stick with classic vinyl and linoleum floor designs, while others return to an earlier tradition of hardwoods. Even with these options, there are still more modern options to select from including green designs, ceramic tile, and laminate wood flooring.

Hardwood flooring in a kitchen can bring warmth and a lifetime of durability.

Solid Hardwood – this kitchen flooring can be sanded and refinished over several generations of use. One of the characteristics of solid wood flooring is that it expands and contracts with changes in your home’s relative humidity. Solid wood can be installed in any kitchen, except for one in a basement. Maple, beech, birch, and pecan hardwood flooring has three grades:

First – best appearance, natural colors, and limited marks.
Second – discreet markings and colors.
Third – rustic appearance with nail, knot, and markings.

A tip when choosing solid hardwood is to select beveled edge planks, because these edges add a more casual feel.

Engineered Wood – this kitchen flooring is manmade and is manufactured by binding together wood strands, particles, fibers, or veneers of wood together with adhesives to form composite materials.

This kitchen flooring material is exceptionally stain resistant, requiring little routine care and maintenance. The introduction of glueless laminates has opened the door for those who like to do it yourself.

Laminate Flooring – is a representation of real hardwood with excellent durability. This flooring material is easier to install and maintain than hardwoods. The flooring is available in a large selection of styles and designs. Each wood species displays its own unique characteristics, each lending itself to a different design aspect. Laminate flooring can be laid over existing flooring materials that are in good condition.

This kitchen flooring material is easily customized by using specific colors and patterns. Although ceramic tile is easy to clean, grout lines are difficult to maintain.

Ceramic Tile Flooring – this flooring material tile does not fade, absorb odors, burn, and is resistant to stain. When selecting a tile, homeowners should always consider slip resistance characteristics, especially in a kitchen where water and spills are common.

Ceramic tile categories for kitchens are:

P.E.I 3 – medium heavy areas
P.E.I 4 – heavy traffic areas

Green living is sweeping the country as people become more environmentally friendly, which also includes the type of flooring materials they select for their kitchens.

Bamboo Flooring – this kitchen flooring has earth friendly properties and is an acceptable flooring material. Bamboo is an engineered flooring material manufactured by binding together bamboo wood strands, particles, and fibers together with glue.

Cork Flooring – this kitchen flooring originated in Europe over 300 years ago and is known for its durability. This flooring is available in solid tiles or as engineered flooring. The resiliency of cork makes the flooring highly scratch and dent resistant, along with being stain resistant.

Although quite durable and easily maintained, plastic vinyl flooring does not have a good reputation. This poor status is primarily due to its non-quality material appearance. However, vinyl is making a comeback as the flooring industry introduces more modern styles and designs that fit well in contemporary and modern kitchens.

For most homeowners remodeling a kitchen floor the focus is on appearance, durability, comfort, and a good return on investment. This focus is based on the fact that today’s kitchens are typically bigger, more open, and the most heavily trafficked area in a home. Kitchens are also often the center of entertaining and a favorite family gathering spot.

Elizabeth Heights Sold at Profit of $2.54M

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35 Gilstead Offers Cheaper Units in Core City Centre

35 Gilstead Offers Cheaper Units in Core City Centre

Property Investment has always been what buyers are looking at and core city centre developments tend to earn the highest profit. The offer of a unit at Elizabeth Heights situated on Cairnhill Road made the top increase of $2.54 million throughout the seven day stretch of March 3 to 10. The 2,497 sq ft unit on the twelfth floor was purchased for $1.96 million ($785 psf) in November 1999 and sold for $4.5 million ($1,802 psf) on March 9. The merchant in this way made a 130% benefit, or an annualized benefit of 4% more than 20 years. Developers also play a part in the selection of properties in Singapore. Please see Phoenix Residences Developer by OKP Holdings located at Bukit Timah.

Elizabeth Heights is situated in District 9 and was finished in 1985 with 90 private units. The freehold property is an eight-minute stroll to Newton MRT Station on the North-South and Downtown Lines. The subsequent top addition made throughout the week is a unit at The Tresor in District 10. It got a 85% benefit of $1.93 million. The 2,185 sq ft unit on the main floor was purchased at $2.27 million ($1,040 psf) in October 2006 and sold for $4.2 million ($1,922 psf) on March 3. This implies the dealer made an annualized benefit of 5% over a time of marginally over 13 years.

The Tresor is a 999-year leasehold property with 62 units and five stories finished in 2008. Situated in Bukit Timah, it is inside four minutes by foot to Tan Kah Kee MRT Station on the Downtown Line.

A unit sold at Gilstead Court along Gilstead Road in District 11 made the third biggest benefit throughout the week, increasing 213% benefit of $1.62 million for the dealer. The 1,389 sq ft unit was purchased in May 1999 for $759,500 ($547 psf) and sold for $2.38 million ($1,714 psf) on March 6. The vender along these lines made an annualized benefit of 6% more than 20 years.

Gilstead Court is a freehold apartment suite that includes 48 units. It is a nine-minute stroll to Newton Station on the Downtown Line. The best misfortune brought about was from the resale of a 1,851 sq ft unit at Reflections at Keppel Bay.

Then again, the best misfortune brought about throughout the week was from the resale of a 1,851 sq ft unit on the fifth floor at Reflections at Keppel Bay. It was sold for $2.5 million ($1,350 psf) on March 9. The unit was purchased in August 2011 for $3.2 million ($1,734 psf). The merchant endured a 22% loss of over $700,000. Over a holding time of just about nine years, this means an annualized loss of 3%.

Reflections at Keppel Bay is a 99-year apartment suite with 40 stories and 1,129 private units. Finished in 2013, it is 14 minutes by foot to Telok Blangah MRT Station on the Circle Line.

35 Gilstead An Attractive Pricing for Core City Centre Development

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Mortagee Listings on the Rise in 2020

Mortagee Listings on the Rise in 2020

Core city centre developments has been one of the main things why buyers are looking at when it comes to investment. Looking for competitively priced development especially freehold ones are very attractive to investors. Just off the busy Newton Road lies the upmarket residential neighbourhood on Gilstead Road. The quiet neighbourhood is lined with old homes from the Twenties, and exudes a historic charm that is rarely found among Singapore’s alternative residential estates. The newest private development within the space is that the freehold thirty five Gilstead by TEE Land. The boutique 70-unit condominium was launched for sale at the top of March last year. Gilstead Road is a highly fascinating neighbourhood given its central location in prime District eleven. It is also about to top-ranked colleges and common looking malls, and is conveniently connected to central and residential area business hubs. Please see latest OCR development as well such as Phoenix Residences. Please see Phoenix Residences location at Bukit Panjang by OKP Holdings.

As competition in the area appearance set to urge more durable with a lot of new comes launching this year, 35 Gilstead’s prime providing and enticing rating, relative to upcoming new launches within the locality, will facilitate it continue to attract discerning consumers. 35 Gilstead is a renovation of the previous Casa Contendere, which was oversubscribed to TEE Land in a collective sale in November 2017. The project previewed in March last year and has sold around four-hundredth of its out there units, and achieved an average terms of concerning $2,490 psf.

Some of the new projects within the space are redeveloped from collective sale sites. For instance, the former Dunearn Gardens was sold in an exceedingly collective sale for $468 million, or about $1,914psf per plot ratio (psf ppr). The new development, Pullman Residences, launched in October last year. Nearby, Chancery Court, a 99-year leasehold website, was sold to so much East Organization in might 2017. The developer paid $401.8 million or concerning $1,610 psf ppr for the website, but has nonetheless to announce renovation plans.

Along near campong Java Road was the former Makeway read, which can move for The artist’s workroom by Bukit Sembawang, as the developer bought the location for $168 million or $1,626psf in a collective sale in March 2018. The new development is not yet launched available. Gilstead Road is located between Newton MRT Station and devotion MRT Station, and the area is encircled by walk-up housing estates and sensible category Bungalows. In fact, 35 Gilstead sits on AN elevated website and residents can get pleasure from unblocked views that overlook the encompassing demesne.

Families with school-going children can additionally favour the event given its proximity to top-ranked colleges. For instance, 35 Gilstead is less than 500m to Anglo-Chinese college (Barker Road), and less than 1km to St Joseph’s Institution (Junior). The area is well-served by major transport links like Newton MRT Interchange Station on the North-South and Downtown Lines, as well because the Central Expressway and Bukit Timah Road.

Existing residents within the space around Gilstead Road would already be conversant in the convenience that comes with living in the area. From its location, 35 Gilstead is a few minutes’ walk to the family-friendly looking malls around devotion, such as United sq. and devotion Square, and it is a brief drive to the prime Orchard Road looking belt. An creator impression of the entrance road. The condo is a short drive to looking malls in devotion and plantation Road. This is also wherever the forthcoming devotion Health town, comprising Tan Tock Seng Hospital and several new specialist care centres, is located. The convenience makes 35 Gilstead ideal for a vary of home consumers, including second-generation residents of the space with folks living within the near landed estates. 35 Gilstead is AN ideal development for second-generation residents of the realm with folks living within the near landed estates

With 35 Gilstead, TEE Land has set out to woo home buyers and investors with a premium product. The developer is targeting families with young children, as well as homeowners World Health Organization wish the exclusivity and privacy that comes with living in an exceedingly dress shop development. The development comprises 3 5-storey blocks with one- to three-bedroom units of 474 square foot to one,249 sq ft. There are 5 duplex apartment units that includes three-plus-study and four-bedroom units of one,539 sq ft to one,647 sq ft. All of the penthouse units ar still out there for sale.In addition, each unit comes with a non-public carry to boost residents’ privacy. The development has a median terms of about $2,550 psf. The development also options premium mode facilities, including AN time pool that can overlook the great category house space at mild Road, and the two-storey landed housing estates on Chancery Lane.

Mortgagee Listings on the Rise in 2020

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Lift Access Housing Grant Received Mix Reviews from Residents

Lift Access Housing Grant Received Mix Reviews from Residents

A bigger number of properties were set up for various rounds of sale a year ago, contrasted with 2018. The absolute number of postings (and relistings) over all areas and all significant closeout houses totalled 1,458 of every 2019. This is a 34% bounce y-o-y contrasted with 1,088 the earlier year, as per Colliers International in its March 20 research report. Private postings kept on representing the a lot of all out closeout postings in 2019. Please also see Phoenix Residences location for more information with regards to the development.

The higher number of properties recorded as mortgagee deals (dispossessed properties) likewise expanded, mirroring the difficult financial standpoint in 2019. “We expect expanded upset or mortgagee deals in the retail, mechanical and private parts from the progressing Covid-19 episode, particularly on the off chance that it accelerates a downturn into 2H2020,” says Tricia Song, Colliers International executive and head of research for Singapore. “We additionally anticipate that costs should be increasingly reasonable, prompting an improved achievement rate.”

Confronted with a discouraged rental market and the hosing impacts of the July 2018 cooling measures, the private part kept on driving both sale postings and deals in 2019. Postings of private properties expanded 54.1% y-o-y to 798 units and retail postings rose 21.8% y-o-y. In the interim, modern postings were up 10.5% y-o-y to 306 and office properties 17.1% higher at 48 units. Altogether, 11 non-landed private units, nine strata-titled modern and retail units and one shophouse were sold during barters in 2019, Colliers says.

Private postings kept on representing the a lot of all out closeout postings in 2019 at 54.7%, up from 47.6% in 2018. The quantity of mortgagee deals flooded 59.1% to 751 postings in 2019, with private properties representing 432 (57.5%), up 67.3% from the earlier year. Colliers qualities the higher pace of mortgagee deals to an expansion in contract installments attributable to increasing financing costs during the 2015 to 2019 period, combined with a stifled private rental market. Individual conditions, for example, loss of employment or chapter 11 could likewise have prompted higher defaults. “Consequent to the cooling measures in July 2018, we think conceivably increasingly troubled proprietors couldn’t discard properties rapidly enough, prompting defaults,” says Colliers’ Song.

Retail mortgagee postings saw a 72.7% expansion y-o-y to 114. Huge numbers of these were little units in strata-titled shopping centers or areas with low pedestrian activity. The trouble in discovering inhabitants or practical leases in such properties left proprietors unfit to help contract installments, thus the spike in mortgagee postings. Modern mortgagee postings rose by 29.5% y-o-y to 189 while office mortgagee postings flooded by multiple times y-o-y to 16. The absolute number of properties sold at barters in 2019 kept on dropping to 21 properties from 35 properties the earlier year. This mirrors a 40% decrease y-o-y, Colliers’ watches. With the quantity of postings rising, achievement rate accordingly more than split to 1.4% in 2019 from 3.2% in 2018, which was additionally the most reduced yearly level in Colliers’ database.

This rate, in any case, doesn’t consider properties sold previously or after the sales. Colliers’ closeouts demonstrated that the achievement rate — including deals during and outside of Colliers’ sales — was a lot higher at 13.3% in 2019. Of the 21 properties sold under the mallet a year ago, 16 (or 76.2%) were mortgagee deals. Of the 16, eight were private properties, four were modern and four were retail properties.

Regardless of the lower number of deals in 2019, all out total estimation of properties sold at barters remained generally stable at $50.1 million. This is a peripheral decay of 1.7% y-o-y, because of the higher quantum per unit executed in 2019.

In spite of the less number of properties sold at barters, the all out mortgagee deals esteem really expanded 25.3% y-o-y to $38.5 million as the normal ticket size in 2019 was practically twofold that of 2018. The mortgagee deals esteem represented 76.8% of all out closeout deals esteem, up from 60.3% in 2018. The private segment represented the lion’s offer at 79.2% of absolute mortgagee deals esteem, up from 73.4% in 2018. In the initial two months of 2020, there were 208 property postings at closeouts and one deal. This is in accordance with the pattern in 2019. “We anticipate that postings should become 10% in 2020 as more properties are set available to be purchased in the midst of an unsure situation,” says Song.

Lift Access Housing Grant Received Mix Reviews from Residents

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Mortagee Listings on the Rise in 2020

Mortagee Listings on the Rise in 2020

The newly declared elevate Access Housing Grant by National Development Minister Lawrence Wong has received mixed reviews among HDB residents. The Lift Access Housing Grant provides up to $30,000 in housing grants to residents with medical or mobility problems United Nations agency square measure presently living in HDB blocks that square measure ineligible for the elevate Upgrading Programme (LUP). The grants will facilitate to offset the value in order that they will acquire new or selling HDB flats with direct elevate access.

Osman Omar, a 66-year-old retiree at Jurong West, shared that while he likes to avail of the grant, he was worried of the value of buying associate degreeother flat provided that he’s retired and now not earns an financial gain, reported CNA. Osman climbs two flights of stairs to get to the elevate on the fourth floor of his block. Doing so needs some physical effort on his half since he has a leg that aches and asthma attack. The designs of the lifts are under view. Please see Phoenix Residences details for more information. Please see the reviews for more information. Thanks

However, the LUP was not implemented in his block at Jurong West because of website constraints or preventative prices. “We have been waiting many, many years (for a lift). At our age, we have to travel up and go down … typically if you carry things (it’s conjointly a) downside.” With this, Osman believes that “the best thing is that if they are doing upgrading”.

Meanwhile, Yeoh Cheng Sin, 72, was “happy” to hear of the grants but prefers to attend if there would be associate degree en-bloc for his or her flat at another Jurong West block before creating a call. In any case, she and her husband, who is currently seventy three years previous, intends to wait till they’re eighty before about to relocate. “Now we square measure still okay, but in a few years, I don’t know,” said the nonworker.

Mr Yee, who lives on the eleventh floor of the same block, said that whereas he was not hostile moving, the problem was trying to find a flat to maneuver to. “The problem is – wherever do I move?” he same, adding that he did not want to maneuver from his larger flat to a smaller one- or two-room flat.

“If we will keep in our previous homes, it would be best.” Having direct lift access is crucial for seniors and persons with disabilities, said organisations and social staff operating with such teams. “For seniors who square measure still work and healthy, it may not be a problem. Many seniors square measure still work in their 60s and 70s. However, in the 80s and 90s, there is definitely an additional decline in strength and fitness for several,” explained Teo Tee Loon, Executive Director of lakeshore Family Services, which provides services to unfortunate families, youths, children and older inside the Jurong space.

Related: HDB’s Home Improvement Programme (HIP): Do you ought to pay to upgrade your flat? “Direct lift access would thus be terribly useful to each person at some purpose in time, when they reach that stage of life.” Aside from being essential during fast evacuation, a barrier-free environment conjointly facilitate persons with disabilities “regain a sense of quality, empowerment and self-reliance”, said Abhimanyau Pal, Chief Executive of SPD, a local charity supporting persons with disabilities.

But whereas the grant will “relieve some of (the) money burdens” concerned in shopping for a flat with elevate access, he believes more might be done. Some residents, for instance, may want additional facilitate in getting and moving to a brand new HDB flat like assessing the new location’s accessibility or facilitate with money designing. “This is necessary for persons who have restricted resources and want facilitate in understanding, navigating resources and decision-making,” he said. And since relocation is a “drastic change”, residents often think about this as “a last resort”. “A holistic support system might thus be needed to assist persons with disabilities to explore totally different choices before deciding to maneuver,” said Pal.