Choa Chu Kang Community Club

Phoenix Residences by OKP Holdings Former Phoenix Heights Near Choa Chu Kang Community Club

MacDonald’s at Teck Whye

Phoenix Residences by OKP Holdings Near to Teck Whye MacDonald's

Eateries at Upper Bukit Timah

Phoenix Residences by OKP Holdings Near to Upper Timah Eateries

Phoenix Residences is developed by OKP Holding which is a local developer that has extensive experience in dealing with Singapore Real Estate. OKP Holdings is one of the leading civil engineering and infrastructure groups within Singapore. OKP Holdings have different eclectic specialties, including experiences with the construction of expressways, vehicle bridges, urban roads, side roads, airport designs, and even many different oil and gas projects as well. All of this illustrates the commitment that OKP Holdings Limited has to excellence. They truly want to revitalize the communities that they serve, and here are some examples:

OKP Holdings Humble Beginnings

Even though OKP Holdings is known today as a multi-national real estate company based in Singapore, they haven’t always been that way. They were founded in 1966 by the current chairman Or Kim Peow and he was proud to celebrate 50 years in business with his company in 2016. Here it is 2020, and they are still going strong.

OKP Holdings Local Business Expertise

One of the main goals of OKP Holdings is for them to establish a solid presence in all of their endeavors. They are dedicated to maintaining solid business associations, and this is evidenced by the fact they are registered as an A1 civil engineering firm with the Building and Construction Authority’s Contractors’ Registry division. OKP Holdings knows this is a tremendous asset to them, and it is one they take very seriously because they know it allows them to tender various public projects with an unlimited monetary margin.

OKP Holdings is always on the look-out to expand on its property development portfolio.

This real estate development company is always on the cutting edge of property development in Singapore. They are able to do this because they are not only seeking out their own ventures, but they work on joint ventures as well. One example of this would be a recent pact they made with Lian Soon Holdings Ltd. in order to acquire a land parcel at Chong Kuo Road in downtown Singapore. Both of these companies were looking to develop this property into a residential condominium unit of at least 84 apartments.

OKP Holdings is also proud of the fact that they are no longer limited to just Singapore and the rest of Asia. IN 2018, they began developing their first overseas property, which was an administrative office complex located in Perth, Australia. It was a joint venture with another development company.

About the same time that OKP Holdings was expanding overseas, they also were continuing to invest in their local community. In 2018, they also developed a large and unsavory property in Singapore’s Phoenix subdivision. Even though they had a massive project on their hands, with their time and effort they turned this formally run-down part of town into a thing of beauty.

Simply put, this is what OKP Holdings is all about. They are not only property development experts, but they also invest in their communities. You can bet your bottom dollar they will take a property and make it something nice to behold!